Use Your Ketomac Shampoo Properly

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Ketomac shampoo is a particular medicated shampoo which is mainly used by people who are suffering from excessive flaking problems. This also gives some relief from itching and scaling by preventing the growth of fungus that gives rise to dandruff.

shampoo hair loss online

Before one gets to know about ketomac dandruff treatment shampoo uses one needs to know that this shampoo is also used to treat a kind of skin condition known as pityriasis which is a type of fungal infection and it can cause darkening or lightening of skin in body areas like arms, neck, chests, and legs.

Now, what is the method of using this shampoo? One needs to wet the hair fully with water and then apply the right amount of shampoo so that there is enough lather on the scalp and hair. Then one has to massage it gently over the scalp. Keep it for a minute and then rinse it with warm water. One needs to repeat this process depending on how the doctors have prescribed them to do so. Once the shampoo is done, one has to dry the hair naturally and thoroughly.

If one is treating other areas of the skin as well apart from the scalp then one has to wet the skin of that area and they apply the shampoo to the affected part. Lather it and then leave it for 5 minutes only before rinsing it off well with water.

Now how much of this shampoo is to be used and for how long, that has to be decided by the dermatologist and so one has to strictly follow the doctor’s instructions while using these products. When using this shampoo, one needs to avoid contact with eyes and if the shampoo gets into the eyes by chance then one needs to rinse them thoroughly with water. Do not use this shampoo when the scalp is swollen by any chance.

Does this shampoo have any side effects? Well, the medication on a regular basis can cause some irregularity in hair texture, irritation, discoloration and pimple like bumps on the scalp. There can also be some severe dryness on the scalp and hair but if it lasts for long and the situation worsens, then one needs to see the doctor immediately. But these are very rare cases as most people use them in moderate dosage (as prescribed by the doctor) and so the medicine does not have any serious side effects.

There are very few cases where one faces some serious allergic reactions by using these shampoos and if that happens, one needs to seek immediate medical attention. this of left untreated can cause trouble in breathing, severe dizziness, rashes, and swelling. One needs to be very careful when using ketomac shampoo because it can be very harmful if swallowed. This is poisonous and can create a lot of discomfort and trouble.

When treating pityriasis, this medication may not cause an immediate return to normal skin color. This can take several months to go back to its original tint.

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