Top Self-employment Ideas for People With Low Education

Food vending carts

The percentage of the literate population in India has increased significantly over the last few decades. However, the share of people who are just limited to the ability to read and write without possessing any employability skills is very high.

Food vending carts

These people received low or no school education and find it challenging to generate employment opportunities for themselves. The circumstances become more difficult for such people in a country that has a good number of unemployed people with a good educational degree. The only option left with them is to start working in low paying jobs that hardly provides any good income in their hand. The solution to this problem is the promotion of self-employability among this set of population. The most feasible options are the ones that require minimum skills and capital to start.

  • Here are the easiest to start self-employment ventures for low educated people with minimum investment capacity:  

Handicraft store:

A handicraft store is one of the easiest businesses to operate, and it hardly requires any substantial amount of capital to initiate it. The principle idea behind a handicraft business is to sell handmade items with creative designs and attractive colours. A handicraft business requires minimum investment and does not have large labour requirement. Additionally, it also does not need any machinery investment to create handicrafts. It can be started with a basic level of training about handicraft production.

Food vending cart:

Food vending carts are one of the most common self-employable ideas for people with low investments capacity and minimal education qualification. Every food vending cart manufacturer is now providing low-cost vending carts in the market to encourage people to take up food cart business. Ruining a food vending cart require very minimum skills and does not need any technical education to start. A food cart can be an ideal business option for people with low education as it is easy to operate.

Cleaning services :

People in the fast-paced life of the modern world prefer to take cleaning help in order to save their time. This condition provides a business opportunity for people who are engaged in the business of providing cleaning services for home, office, industrial sites etc. A cleaning business can start with low or no amount of capital. Cleaning services do not require any minimum education apart from basic cleaning skills.


One more business option for low educated people is to open a newsstand. A newsstand is a storefront or a cart through which a seller can sell multiple types of newspapers, magazines, and other items. People with low education can efficiently operate selling newspaper and magazines.

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