The Top Certifications for Blockchain Technology

Block Chain

Today, blockchain technology has managed to grab the attention of millions of people. As it is one of the most talked about topics in the current business world, more and more people wish to gain knowledge on this popular technology.

Block Chain

Originally devised for a cryptocurrency called bitcoin, blockchain has found its way into many other domains.  Now it is believed that blockchain technology can be successfully used in multiple industries including insurance sector, Government and Public Sector, retail and e-commerce Sector, banking sector and more. This is the perfect time for someone to gain expertise in this technology to climb up the ladder of success.

By the year 2025, ten percent of GDP is going to be stored on blockchain related technology. So, by doing a study on the elements of this technology, you can easily secure a good job for yourself in the coming years. There are several blockchain certification programs in the market these days that can enhance your career growth.

In this article, we will suggest you some certification programs to help you find the perfect kind of blockchain course for yourself.

  1.    Introduction to digital currencies:

Studying about digital currencies is an ideal way to understand the concepts of blockchain technology and also how it started. Inclusive of cryptocurrency MOOC free of cost, this certification of educations is provided by the University of Nicosia. The course is taught by Antonis Polemitis and Andreas Antonopoulos who are considered as the experts in the field of blockchain technology.

  1.    Bitcoin, Altcoins, and Blockchain:

It is a highly informative course on how the blockchain technology works and what its impact going to be in the future. The course is easily available in the market and provides study notes that are created for the students of Stanford University. The subjects included in the notes are distributed ledger technology, consensus system, smart contracts etc. And this certification program mainly covers Ethereum and Bitcoin.

  1.    Khan Academy of bitcoin:

This one is a well-constructed course that provides study material on Bitcoin technology, POW consensus mechanism, and Bitcoin transactions. The program consists of nine hours long videos that explain how the blockchain technology be implemented at the time of coding. It is free of cost and accessible for everyone.

  1.    YouTube Channel:

Andres M. Antonopoulos runs a YouTube Channel that is an excellent place to attain info on blockchain technology as well as the cryptocurrency. The channel is mostly used by beginners who want to get their basics right.

  1.    IBM Blockchain 101:

This certification is designed for developers who want to make it big in the blockchain industry. It explains the foundation of the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and bitcoin. Developers can learn the distribution of blockchain networks and also the ways in which coding is done on Hyper ledger. If you are planning to become a certified blockchain developer, the IBM Blockchain 101 is an apt course for you to pursue as it has the capacity to set you apart from the competition.