Top Cement Companies in India by Capacity


India is the second largest cement producing country in the World. One hundred forty large cement plants and three hundred sixty-five mini cement plants are included in this industry and Dalmia is one of the top cement manufacturer in India. At the beginning of the year 2009-10, the capacity of this industry was 217.80 million towns. Around 465 million tones (MT) is the total installed capacity of the cement industry in India.


As you know that cement is an essential material nowadays, but there are so many cement factories who are advertising themselves as the top cement companies. But if you tally the market with a little deep then you can see the rating, as well as the selling growth of Dalmia Cement, is quite high than other cement groups.

Why Dalmia Cement is ahead of all the top cement companies?

The 20th century is growing so fast, lots of construction works are running regularly. As per the report of a reputed survey firm, it comes to know that lots of buildings and construction are getting harm now a day, due to the pollution and using of the poor quality raw materials for making the building. Whereas, some old constructed building still stands there, just because it was made of the Dalmia Cement the Engineer’s choice.

  • The group of Dalmia never compromise with the raw materials and the quality.
  • This cement is highly tasted from the laboratory and certified so that it can fight with any obstacle, like bad weather, pollution, and it is strong enough to stand straight in any circumstances.
  • This brand produces a high-quality solution in cement so that you never feel the regret of choosing this company. Even selecting this cement for your construction will be profitable for you, because it is a one-time investment.
  • It has a huge trade network for selling a large quantity of cement, having a tough competitor, this brand produces nine million tons per annum.

Dalmia group of company’s aim is to provide the best and no 1 quality building material to their valuable customers. It also has the mission of promoting the innovation and reorganization their firm as well as they are much more focused on to lead the green development in the entire industry. This company believes in eco-friendly construction, go green.   This is another reason that it has reached the top of all the cement brands in India as well as outside of India.

This cement brand has become the traditional cement company as it rules since 1939. You can use this brand for any kind of construction like road, industrial flooring, marine infrastructure, dams, and bridges as well as extractions wells. It will provide a durability and longevity too.

There are indeed some popular cement factories too like Ultratech, Ambuja, ACC but people have a strong trust on this brand Dalmia Cement, that is why it is the number 1 choice for the Engineers and for those who want a strong and long-lasting construction within a pocket-friendly budget.