Things You Need To Know About The Portable Juul Charger

Things You Need To Know About The Portable Juul Charger

Though the Juul device has gained immense popularity amongst the reputed e-cigarettes available, there still exist some inimitable facets associated with the portable Juul charger that is not known to regular smokers as well. Let us talk about this ground-breaking charging system to know about its working and the time needed to charge a Juul e-cig.

 portable Juul charger


Design of the Juul Charger

The Juul charger actually is a small USB port in which you make the Juul battery unit sit erect in the same way as the skyscraper on its foundation. Every part of the Juul starter kit charging system connects magnetically with one another so that they do not get separated at the time of charging. Your Juul charger dock can be plugged into any appropriate USB port like computers, mobile power supply banks, built-in carports, wall sockets, or the adapters. This is the property that makes the Juul e-cigarette fall amongst the few devices which can be powered up anyplace without any need of many cords and cables.


It is an amazing design which is compact and at the same time tactful. When you place a Juul vaporizer in the charging frame attached to a laptop, it looks more of a wifi hub device and not any vaping device. This is the beauty of the electronic cigarette system. This property is what makes the Juul e-cigs appropriate to a great range of users who are least interested in carrying the huge equipment and accessories around.

What is more amazing about the Juul charger is that you have a sophisticatedly planned, sleek Juul device is capable of getting into your pocket and liberates flavorsome and fulfilling vapor in every blow. The Juul vaporizer pen is an ideal accessory that goes well with every pocket and every surrounding where you want to smoke a sneaky e-cigarette.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this charger works exclusively for the battery unit and you just won’t be able to make use of any other charger if your Juul charger gets broken or misplaced.

Charging a Juul Appropriately

The battery technology of Juul has not evolved considerably since its invention. If at any point in time, it troubles you, there might be a simple reason for this. If you want to know how long a Juul takes to charge actually depends upon battery life, the number of charge cycles it has been through and also upon the overall health of the battery unit.

Though the company asserts that it takes around 1 hour to completely charge the battery, the users have reported that it takes around 45 minutes to charge it completely. If your Juul is not charging properly, it is the time to substitute the battery unit of your vape kit.

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