The Importance of Crash Pads while Bouldering

Bouldering Crash Pads

Essentially, bouldering was a form of rock climbing which was a method of training for mountaineering where climbers could practice without being too high off the ground. It was also considered a method of improving finger strength and stamina. But by the 1900’s, bouldering has become a sport of its own! As people started climbing natural boulders such as granite, sandstone, volcanic rock and limestone the sport became more and more dangerous.

A lower chance of injury

When someone goes bouldering, they are bound to fall. Falling is a part and parcel of bouldering. But what is the elegance in falling and getting hurt? Bouldering is probably the only climbing sport which requires falling. In order to perfect the climb, you need to attempt the climb numerous times. And every time you will start again, you have to fall down before you can start, but the hurt isn’t in falling down, the hurt is in the landing. And unless you’re being smart by landing on bouldering crash pads, the odds are that you’re going to get injured when you take the fall.

Bouldering Crash Pads

A reduced risk of broken bones

As the number of people who are entering the sport of bouldering is increasing, the risk of getting hurt is also increasing. People might consider it to be an extreme sport which gives them an adrenaline rush, but there is no adrenaline rush left when you’re seriously injured! Fall protection equipment, such as crash pads, is made from layers and layers of foam which provide a surface to break a fall. Since a climber will be falling off a boulder on layers of foam, the changes of any broken bones are pretty low.

No serious brain or spine injury

When a climber is falling off a boulder, the worst kind of injury he or she can sustain is a brain or spine injury. This is because such an injury can leave him or her paralyzed – which is much worse than broken bones! In worst case scenarios, such injuries could even lead to death. Most climbers get into this sport for the adrenaline rush or as an extreme hobby, so being unable to continue due to a brain or spine injury can be very devastating.

A boost in confidence

As climbers climb and fall off boulders, some might lose confidence or get a little shaken up due to a bad fall. By using crash pads, climbers can protect themselves from the fall which will boost their confidence to continue bouldering. As the potential for injury reduces the confidence of the climber increases!

While some people might believe that the rush or the extremeness in bouldering only comes from climbing without any bouldering crash pads or other such protective equipment, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Some climbers who boulder as a hobby might find the cost of such protective equipment to be very high, but then again there is no price on life. It is always better to spend that extra money on buying crash pads and other such protective pads while bouldering as opposed to sustaining injuries by free falling on the hard surface.