The Best Place Providing VLSI Training in Bangalore

vlsi training institute

The semiconductor industry is gaining grounds in India at an alarming rate. It results in more job opportunities and better career advancements. VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) is an essential part of the semiconductor industry. VLSI is a process in which lakhs of devices are integrated into a single chip.

vlsi training institute

In Bangalore, there is only one place which provides the best VLSI training. Why go elsewhere when QSoCs is there for you? Founded by a highly enthusiastic group of individuals who excel in their respective domains of the semiconductor industry, QSoCs is a vlsi training institute where the focus is more education imparted to the students.

We have professionally trained and highly qualified teachers whose main aim is to make sure each of our students understands the basic concepts with perfection. We at QSoCs strongly suggest that having a good knowledge of the core concepts will help in improving one’s skills and knowledge at a faster rate.

QSOCs institutes in Bangalore have a mixed range of courses for the students. You can select a course that fits you’re the best. We will be available round the clock to assist you in finding a course you would like to join. Hundreds of students have enrolled in the year 2018. We have a track record of 100% placements. Many of our students are employed in prestigious institutions like Atria, Wipro, Cerium, Intel, Sandisk and many more.

At QSoCs, you will find that the theoretical and the practical classes go hand in hand. The practical classes are conducted immediately after the theoretical classes so that the students get hands-on experience about the topic.

We have industry approved protocol projects along with the courses. Our long term courses also offer soft skills development classes to help the students become confident of working in various institutions.

Our institutions are comfortable, safe, pleasing and flexible with enough space provisions made for the students to concentrate on their syllabus and learn to the maximum extent. QSoCs trainers are dedicated, experienced, and qualified to share their knowledge with the students.

We have a nominal fee structure and provide the best VLSI training in Bangalore. You can enroll for the One Day Free Internship to attend the introductory classes about the semiconductor industry, the design, and verification of SOC architecture, CDC checks, ASIC design flow, aptitude training, mock interviews and more.

Become a certified Physical Design Engineer by joining the full-time six-month course or join the QSoCs Certified Analog Layout Engineer program for four months. The QSoCs Integrated Internship Program is for 10 weeks and deals with high0end protocol implementation, low power design, and verification.

For students who find the weekend classes convenient, we at QSoCs have two such programs designed for you. The Weekend SVUVM program goes on for 9 weeks with two industry-accepted protocol projects. The Weekend Design Verification program is for 14 weeks and is based on the current industry trends.

Search no more for VLSI training institutes. QSoCs is one of the best vlsi institutes in Bangalore and provides you with everything you want to become successful in the semiconductor industry.

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