Take a Close Look at Some of the Portable Weed Vaporizers for Sale

Take a Close Look at Some of the Portable Weed Vaporizers for Sale

Take a Close Look at Some of the Portable Weed Vaporizers for Sale

In contemporary times, dry herb vaporizing has taken an outright surge with the increasing availability of portable weed vaporizers for sale. Portable weed vaporizers do not combust materials so you can throw away all the heavy loads of fear concerning the inhalation of harmful smoke.  The vaporizers in consideration offer users the facility of onboard controls hence they can exercise control on the amount of heat provided.

These days there are two kinds of portable weed vaporizers. One of them used hot air or convection heating and the other uses conduction or direct heating style. When it comes to maintenance they are easy to clean and do not leave behind a pungent smell of smoke.  In this piece of writing, we take a close look at the top portable weed vaporizers for sale in 2018.

The Mig Vapor DRAY

If you are new to vaping then it can be a great device to start with. It has customizable heating settings that will surely impress experienced vapers alike. The heating chamber made from premium quality quartz will make you admire the aesthetics. It features a delightful OLED display that helps you to check the battery life and temperature.

The manufacturer has provided three buttons on the side through which you can control the amount of heat applied. DRAY has a heating temperature between 385F and 430F. The exterior is adorned with high-quality rubber that provides an easy and compact grip. Surely, DRAY is one of the easiest portable weed vaporizers to use. It is exquisitely meant for dry herbs and tin now way compatible with concentrates.

Benefits and advantages

  • It provides a vaping time that is higher than normal with a 1800mAh battery
  • New and experienced vapers will get a good control of the temperature
  • Smoother draws
  • High performance at an economical price
  • Quartz heating technology

The PAX 3

It is considered to be one of the smartest vaporizers available in the market today. One of its amazing features is a haptic feedback implying that when ready it lets you know with a vibration. The PAX 3 offers you four preset heat features. Being compatible with a Bluetooth you can use your smartphone for the perfect heat setting.

PAx 3 will impress you with its good looks. If you are fashionable and wish to make style statement then you will love to have this vaporizer. In sharp contrast to the portable weed vaporizers available in the market, its aesthetics are better. The mouthpiece maintains a stealthy presence on top of the device and you can control all the features with a single button. It can serve you as a dual-use device because it is having a wax canister. The PAX3 makes use of conduction or direct heating. However, the app lets you make even more adjustments. Moreover, it features a large 3500mAH battery that reduces the heat up time to only 15 seconds.


    • You can use vape herbs and waxes
    • It is Bluetooth compatible providing customizable setting
    • Discrete and portable
    • Half pack lid conserves materials for one person sessions
    • Minimum heating time


  • Expensive
  • The chip finishes easily

Before you purchase a portable weed vaporizer get this fact in mind that all types of vaporizers are not used in the same way. You will come across vaporizers whose operation requires cartridges containing THC concentrate or weed oil. Try to stay away from vaporizers that make use of cartridges because the mannerism in which they synthesize oil and concentrates are questionable. Fortunately, dry herb vaporizers provide a safe method of using cannabis.