Pros of Investing in a Pre-leased commercial property

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When it comes of buying or leasing a pre-leased property, anytime the buyer has got many advantages. It is one less risk investment with better returns which a purchaser is likely to get. Not only this, the CRE investments are the one that are generated from the first day itself and the owner gets a complete right to enjoy the returns in much better manner. Such type of return may range between 8-9.5% which keeps on improving every time the rent escalates which is usually taking place in every 3 years. If you want to have a stable return then certainly, such type of option is worth to be chosen.

Whether you are looking for a pre-leased property to banks in greater Noida or in any other area, it is important that you understand that there are many advantages associated with. Once the sales is done, the lease gets transferred to the new buyer who is then authorized to get a legal right and is eligible enough to get the lease rents subsequently. Some of the best pros that you need to know are listed below.

No waiting period:

The best part of choosing a preleased commercial property is that it is already given on lease and the regular rental income can be quite fetched without any kind of waiting that a buyer has to go through. This means, the buyer automatically becomes eligible for earning quite returns on the investment which no doubt is the best thing one can choose.

Appreciation in Capital:

This is another good part about opting for a preleased property. As said earlier the property rate keeps on increasing with the time. If the location is at the premium place which means it is loaded with great design, good amenities and modern infrastructure facilities then chances are high that appreciation of the capital can go up at a faster pace. This way a buyer can enjoy better appreciation of the capital on the preleased property and get a horizon for at least 15 years which certainly is not a bad deal at all.

Assured Income

It is one of the best source of earning income on routine basis. This means when the investor gets a transfer of the lease, he eventually becomes eligible for the rental and even the tenant income as well. This is no doubt the assured way to earn a fixed income each month. You can furthermore, use this income for different business purposes such as to reinvest in the financial instrument and thus double the returns at even more faster pace.

Easy Liquidity:

As compared to the real estate properties, there is no doubt that pre-leased commercial property in greater Noida can be a good deal for you in terms of liquidity. This means such property comes with regular income because of which you can earn a liquid investment as well.

With so many pros, don’t give a second thought. Just go ahead and choose the most reliable option from which you will certainly get better returns.

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