Know the popular Abayas styles

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When they first Abayas were launched, these were termed to be one size fit all types. Not much variety was found in the market, with regards to fabric or design choices. But with time and the emergence of numerous fashion designers, the Abayas did undergo tremendous change. Now, one can easily come across different types of designer abayas and other related apparels of interesting colors, patterns, and choices.

abaya maxi dress

The designers are found to have added modest, yet fashionable details to these apparels, thus providing this traditional cloth with a decent, trendy makeover, without eliminating the modest factor. Nowadays, one can find a whole range of formal abayas that can be worn to the dressier and office. There are also Designer Casual Abayas meant to be worn on different festive occasions. As matter of fact, there is present a type to suit each and every personality. Doing some research is sure to help make the right choice.

Some modest and fashionable abaya designs

  • Moroccan style: Such clothing is meant for both women and men and is luxurious and rich as well as appealing. Such designs tend to reflect unique draping art combined with layered silhouettes and designs. Also, they are adorned with beautiful and exquisite lace, silver and gold embroidery along the neckline and trims. Some also come with attached hoods.
  • Floral: Previously, Abayas were created of solid, dark colors. However, now designers have come out with printed types. Flowers have been added in form of embroidery motifs and stone. Also can be found embossed floral fabrics. These are sure to appear feminine and elegant when carefully stitched.
  • Kaftans: It is perhaps among the popular abaya design. These are loose and long and appear like robe like sleeves. Most of the kaftan types have been designed to resemble that of a belted tunic. They also have elaborately designed necklines, luxuriant, lighter fabrics and are the dresser in looks and suited for weddings and parties.
  • Two-tone style: This type is gaining popularity slowly among Muslim women across the globe. The skirt can be stitched in a color which is different from that of the bodice color. Abayas can also be found where the main dress is found to be of single color, while contrasting color fabric gets added as wrap or overcoat for dress skirt.
  • Open Style: This type of apparel is more like that of an over cloak and is open along the front. They come with the thin belt that is worn around the waist. Some are secured for short length below neckline region. These are the best to be worn for parties, since they provide optimum coverage.
  • Butterfly: It is a well-known style and has its name as such due to its wide sleeves, resembling that of butterfly wings. These attach to the abaya body to form gentle gathers below the arm region. They appear fabulous when fabrics are used like jersey knit, silk and chiffon, since they come with plenty of drapes.

One can also choose abaya maxi dress for casual wear.