All You Need to Know About the Exploratory Testing Tools

best exploratory testing tools

Exploratory Testing is a type of testing where you need to design a test and apply the processes simultaneously to a software. This test is completely opposite to scripted or fundamental procedures of testing and allows you to develop new ideas and put your cognitive skill to test. The process of exploratory testing requires to learn first about the user and the objectives and to decide which type of test to apply and what tools you require for it.

best exploratory testing tools

The other steps include formulating the test design by associating all the requirements following by test execution where you can run the test and figure out the results. The last step is that of test analysis where you formulate a report and analyze how the test has functioned, whether there are loopholes and ways to prevent defects in the future.

You can avail many of the online exploratory testing tools which are available free of cost on various websites. Among all of the tools available online, some of the best exploratory testing tools are discussed below.

  1. JIRA Capture: This tool is available online for a free trial course and if you like it, you can purchase it later. This tool will help you to record testing sessions through fast bug reports, annotated screenshots, and browser extensions. Recently the server plugin is also available which can be sent direct reports to the server which the application is still running.
  2. Testpad: This tool is also available online to track the process of testing by creating outliners, framing checklist and making think spreadsheets. You can also explore through bugs by using the slick modern user interface. By using this tool, reporting becomes simple through lightweight integration.
  3. Rapid Reporter: This tool is available online and can be easily downloaded for free. Rapid Reporter helps in taking down and reviewing notes during an uninterrupted testing session. It is a Session Based Test Management Tool which helps in building reports and providing good notes while the session is on.
  4. q-Test Explorer: This testing tool is available online for a 30-day free trial and it is an extended version of normal q-Test management platform. By using this tool you can avail a common platform for both scripted and unscripted testing and you can also create documents by using multi-screen capture facility where through each screen capture, you can find out a defect if prevalent.
  5. Session Tester: This is an open-source tool which is available for free and it is useful in managing and recording session based testing. One of the major features of this tool is the timer which will allow you to time the length of the test as per your requirements. You can record session notes by using this tool in XML format and can, later on, convert them to HTML or other formats if required.

      6. Test Studio Explore: This is an automated testing tool available for a free trial period. It supports all the latest technology formats and can work on desktop, mobile and web applications. By using the test recorder feature of this tool, you can also write all tests in codes and customize them in visual studio.  

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