India’s Best-medicated Shampoo for Dandruff

medicated dandruff shampoo in India

The human body suffers from changes in the season as well as many other factors. That is the reason why many people have to face troubles such as hair fall, baldness, less growth of hair and dry scalp which turns to dandruff. Due to unawareness among users, the producers of different lotions, hair creams, and shampoos take huge benefit of this and try to sell the products which are in fact not that much effective for curing hair fall, or dry scalp also.

medicated dandruff shampoo in India

In India, many people are affected with a dry and dusty scalp, and the maximum of the women use to suffer from the wet and oily scalp. These people use to prefer any shampoo to rinse their scalp and results in hair loss. Not only men also the women in India suffer from baldness. After the problem rises a level up, then they use to visit the doctors near them. Most of the doctors in India use to prescribe shampoo constitute 2% ketoconazole in it which can control the dry scalp.

The most medicated dandruff shampoo in India is Ketoconazole shampoo. This shampoo is best for all the kingdoms of scalps as it directly affects only to those parts which are affected with fungal cells and cures whole of it, and never let the problem to arise again and again. Average people can easily afford it as it is price much cheaper than any other hair treatments. It costs from INR 160 to INR 500 depend on the brand and quantity.

Ketomac shampoo is one of the best choices for all kind of people and also being medicated by the maximum of the doctor. It can treat any type of skin problems like dry scalp which leads to dandruff, scaling, fungal infection or itching. If the ketoconazole dosage is extra than it can cause some problems to your skin, so you should notice the percentage of ketoconazole in the medication given to you. It is made to treat different parts of the body like your skin and scalp.

Probably there is less chance of getting any side effects from it. Then also if you face any side effect then you can get consulted with your doctor and get that cured as it can those side effects are curable. So you should always say your medical conditions to your doctor so that you can get a clear cut idea about the usage of the ketoconazole.

Some common types of hair losses:

  • Androgenetic alopecia.
  • Male pattern hair loss.
  • Female pattern hair loss.
  • Anagen effluvia.
  • Alopecia Areata.
  • Tinea capitis.
  • Cicatricial alopecia.
  • Lichen Planopilaris.
  • Discoid Lupus Erythematosus.
  • Folliculitis Decalvans.
  • Dissecting cellulitis of the scalp.
  • Frontal Decalvans.
  • Central centrifugal Cicatrical alopecia.

This is a brief guide for you people to get knowledge about ketoconazole and its various usage which are to be considered before buying this product. Always get consulted to your doctors before buying any product of ketomac so that it will suit your body.

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