How Your Business Signages Are Impacting Your Branding

How Your Business Signages Are Impacting Your Branding

When venturing on a business, one of the key elements that you should consider after your branding design is creating an attractive sign for your business. Business signage is not only designing tools for your business establishment, but it becomes an inanimate and visual representation salesperson for your business’ rendered products and services.

How Your Business Signages Are Impacting Your Branding

You need to know that signages can be a pawn in making your business successful since it helps in your overall marketing strategy against your competitors in the market. A sign with your company’s logo will help back up your brand by drawing the consumers’ attention. This is why if you are planning to operate or start a business, your business signage is an important asset that you should put into great consideration. Want to know more? Read up as we tackle branding and signages.

Facts on Branding

So, before we delve into further topics about branding and signages, you should know first the facts about branding, for you to fully comprehend the importance of both elements in your business and strategy.

Branding, to simplify is the persona of your brand which contains the promise to your customer. In this way it tells who you are, what they can expect, and how is it different from your competitors—for short, it will affect how consumers perceive you to be, which is a very important matter if you want your business to succeed.

A good first impression is what branding crucially helps you with which is an important footing for your business’ success. Consumers have believed that lazy branding is equivalent to a lazy attitude, thus making your business looks like unable to give the commitment to provide the value needed.

Additionally, a brand is the sum of an organization’s various parts such as values, visual identity, positioning, products, etc. an example of this is your business’ customer service. Of course, a review of a customer means a lot for the business and its products, in fact, 73% of consumers love a brand due to friendly customer service. Get the gist of branding now? it is not just all about your logo nor products.

What You Need to Know About Signage

Before you go to how signages impact your business, let’s tackle first the things you need to know about signage. It was stated beforehand that when you are planning to start or run a business, it is important for you to greatly consider your signage to your advantage for your business to stand out from the rest of your competitors.


Your business signage serves as your salesperson since it practically tells your customers and potential customers of what your business is offering. The signage that you have is an exterior “design” which draws attention to your location and helps differentiate your store from others on the street.

Signages are like what light is to the moths. It draws attention if used and placed strategically. According to the U.S Small Business Administration site, your business signage serves as a primary link between the business and its customers. Which is why a business signage should not be overlooked nor ignored.


Of course, you wouldn’t go straight out and put up your business signage, would you? So, you should know beforehand that there are two types of exterior signs which are namely: ground-mounted and building-mounted. The ground-mounted signs have a variety of shapes and sizes where it is typically near a road to attract passersby.

As for building-mounted signs, it is attached to the business’ establishment which may be at the forefront of the store, by this many people will see your business’ signage where foot traffic is prevalent.


You might think that having a signage for your business is all there is to it. However, it could also be effective for off-premise use such as strategically placed billboards which surely can convey a message to the passersby. You could also creatively make it into a small magnetic sign that can be placed wherever one desires, this will serve as a form of advertising as well as a way of your business reaching out.

How Can It Affect Your Business?

Now that you have the needed knowledge for signage, it’s high time that you should know how and it what ways it can really affect your business. There are several ways your signage could affect your business, and the outcome depends on how you use it according to your advantages.

Drawing Attention

The phrase “attracting customers” has been repeatedly stated here, because that is the primary reason for having a signage for your business—drawing attention. How does this happen? Obviously, your signage makes the people know that you exist and is ready to accommodate their needs and want, what you should need to do is to be creative in your signage enough for them to be lured into your establishment.

Some studies suggested that there are as many as 45 percent of first-time customers hat visits a business because they noticed the business’ signage. As a result, it helped in making a profit and probably loyal customers. See how it affects your business?

Brand Reinforcement

Signages are considered as a way to have a good first impression on the consumers, why? This is because it helps in introducing and reinforcing your business’ brand. Passersby may not immediately need your rendered products or services, however, the constant exposure your sign is doing imprints into the potential customer’s minds.

For example, you successfully have an eye-catching logo or a unique advertising slogan, people will surely remember it and increase the chance of having customers patronize your offered product or services.

Promotional Purposes

Aside from drawing attention, what piques the customers’ interest is the way how you deliver your brand to them. Signages help you convey a short and concise bit of promotional information for your brand and products which surely will generate additional sales. One of an all-time successful promotion is the special sale wherein it may entice people in stopping by into your business’ establishment and make an impulse purchase.

Have Innovative Logos

With all the things that were said here about the importance of signage, surely you have taken a grasp as to how it is crucial for a business. Especially if you are a starting business that needs a foothold in the market against the raging sea of competitors that you have.

This is why you should consider having a creative and innovative design of your logo which could really help you stand out from the rest of your competitors. You can try Shield CO Business Sign for some innovative design ideas for your logo, in this way you could ask professionals to make your logo ideas and signage come to life.


Having business is no easy feat, it’s a heavy risk wherein you need a lot of courage and determination but also with proper knowledge for it to be successful. There is no such thing as a minor impact when talking about the elements of doing business, that is why do not overlook anything that you think is worthless, think about how simple signages and logos can be yet they’re very important.

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