How To Generate Organic Traffic through Using Google snippet in 2019

The world of search engine optimization is getting tougher with the passage of each day. Now, website owners have to go way beyond producing fresh content and inserting keywords that users search for. The success of a website in terms of user preferences depends a lot on what users want. Most users searching on the internet have an impatient nature. They want to get the desired information in the least possible time. A better understanding can be attained through an example.

It is commonly said that when you have a look at the box of a product, you get a clear idea of what it is about. In case of a Google snippet box, you can achieve the same results. Brands that have snippets and search featured boxes are successful in getting more traffic. A snippet allows users to get a peek of what the website will put on offer. If you want to get your hands on the correct content source without a lot of searching, this would be a great option. Snippets have a brief description of the information that would be available on the link. By viewing this information, you can decide whether you would want to visit the link and spend time on it or not.

  • Most of us prefer buying things online as it offers more compatibility and better usage of time. It is a fact that making online purchases is never an easy option. Apart from checking the reliability of a website, you need to be sure that it has the products you are looking for. Consider that you want to buy dairy products online. You may type phrases such as “buy dairy products online”, “purchase dairy products online” or any other similar phrase on the internet. Based on the searched phrase, various results would be displayed on your screen. It is obvious that you would not want to spend time on going through each and every link. If a website has a snippet, it would provide you with an insight of what the website actually offers. This would save both time and effort on your side as you would not have to click the link to view the contents.

Snippets Improve SEO ranks

For search engines, anything that makes a website more helpful for the user is a component to improve its rank. Similarly, if a website has negative components that are not liked by users, the website would go down on the SERP list. Brand owners should always make sure that their website has positive constituents preferred by users. Considering the technological advancements taking place these days, having a snippet box provides a definite edge to websites.

  • In terms of SEO ranks, a snippet box is a boost. It simply increases the overall website SEO Score. Sites that have a snippet box catch the attention of the visitor immediately. The information presented in this box acts as a summary. After reading this information, if you feel that the content is according to your needs, you can click the link and view the provided details. On another hand, you can easily navigate away if you feel that the content is not what you are looking for.
  • Google rates websites with snippets at a high level. Irrespective of the keywords searched, the top two or three websites come with a snippet box. The goal is to make searching easier and goal oriented for the user. Snippets are a part of modern day SEO methods. If you have them with your website link, there is every chance that the user would click the link to your home page. This also depends on the way in which the Snippet content has been drafted. Do not overstuff it with lengthy paragraphs. Instead, extract the essential points of your content and use them in the snippet.

Categories of Snippet information

Website owners can modify the information layout of the snippet according to their needs. It all depends on what your product requirements are and how you want to pitch the customer. Given below are some snippet layouts used commonly. However, you can use your own sense of creativity to make modifications if needed.

  1. Paragraph Layout

This is the most common form of snippet layout used. When you search for something on the internet, some links would have few lines written in the box above the link. In simple terms, this is a summary of the overall information which the website would have. By viewing this summary, the user would be able to take a decision about opening the link. In other words, if the summary does not appeal to him, he would view alternate links to get the needed information. This summary is a method through which both time and effort of the user are saved.

  • Be creative when you are using the paragraph layout. The purpose of this information is to encourage the user to visit your link. A lot of website owners do not use the correct strategy to write the snippet. They simply pick the first few lines of their home page and paste it in the snippet. This is certainly not the way the snippet content has to be presented. You need to be creative and present the sentences in a unique manner. The tone should be catchy so that the visitor develops the urge to browse the website.

Consider that you have an online clothing brand. In case of a snippet box, do not include content that is too promotional. Every company promises to deliver the best products and making claims turns off the customer. For instance, if you have written “buy the best clothing”, it would not seem realistic in any manner. Instead, a phrase like “style and charisma promised” would generate a strong appeal. You need to remember that after viewing the snippet, the visitor would decide whether he wants to visit your website or not. In other words, a snippet box is a strong decisive factor. Hence, the goal should be that it generates a strong appeal.

  1. Inclusion of images

With the passage of time, people are developing a strong preference for visual information. In psychological terms as well, the human mind accepts images at a much faster pace than written text. To understand something through written text, the viewer has to make a lot more error. For example, if you want to read through a description of a particular automobile, you would have to read through a lot of information. This requires a lot of concentration as people lose concentration while reading. In such cases, they skip lines or simply close the tab.

  • Images are colorful and produce a sense of creativity as well. They offer a more detailed explanation in a much shorter time frame. If you consider the example of an automobile mentioned above, an image of the automobile would answer several questions that the viewer would have in his mind. For instance, if he wants to know about the dashboard design, simply seeing the image would provide him with the answer. This is one of the key reasons why snippets include images at times. For a lot of customers, written text is not convincing enough. However, when they view an image of the product, they know what they are spending their money on.
  • Including images in the snippet box is definitely a strong convincing factor. At times, users simply view the product image and make a purchase if they find it relevant. Getting the same results from written text is not possible in most cases.
  1. Using bullets in snippet content

The purpose of using bullets in written content is nothing but to give an organized look. This approach breaks the written content into chunks of information. For any reader, absorbing bullet points is much easier than reading through paragraphs. Hence, using bullet points in snippets definitely makes a strong powerful impact.

  • Through bullet points, you can emphasize on the key points on offer. If you are selling software applications, through bullet points, you can define the business goals, targeted audience and technological platforms. In case of bullet points, each point refers to an individual aspect. This actually eliminates the chances of the reader getting bored.
  • If you are using bullet points in the Snippets, keep the length of each point short so that the reader does not lose interest. Along with that, it is very important to avoid redundant information. Make sure that two bullet points do not provide similar explanations.


For brands, it is important to meet the modern day SEO requirements to be ahead in terms of competition. Having a snippet box is one of the many ways a website can have an edge over its competitors. Most users do not have the patience to check several links. They aim at making online purchases in the shortest possible time span. A snippet is an effective option to get instant customer attention. If the snippet content is appealing, a customer would most likely visit the website to read through details.