How to Apply for Canada PR Visa?

How to get a Canada PR

Federal government of Canada has provided the immigrants a way to live and work in the country for a limited period of duration and that is via the permanent residence visa. Permanent residence visa allows the immigrants to live and work anywhere in the country for the duration of five years. PR visa was first introduced in year 2001 and was distributed for the first time in year 2002. PR visas are issued by the Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

How to get a Canada PR

Benefits of Canada PR Visa

  • Can live and work anywhere in Canada.
  • Free education for the children till the age of 18.
  • Almost all your medical expenses are covered.
  • Don’t need to pay taxes on the income earned outside of Canada.
  • Protection under Canada’s law & order.
  • Can sponsor your relatives for Canada PR visa.

Eligibility to apply for Canada PR Visa

In order to be able to apply for permanent resident visa, Government of Canada has introduced a point-based system. Candidates need to score at least 67 points in this point based system to be eligible to apply for Canada PR. These points are awarded based on the factors that are mentioned below:

  • Language Skills – 28 points maximum
  • Educational Qualification – 25 points maximum
  • Work Experience – 15 points maximum
  • Arranged Employment – 10 points maximum
  • Adaptability – 10 points maximum

Other than the basic eligibility criteria, candidates also need to meet the requirements of the immigration program they are applying under. Every immigration program has different requirements to be fulfilled, it all depends on which program candidates have chosen to apply under.

Ways to apply for Canada Permanent Residence Visa

Canadian government has around 60 immigration programs to facilitate smooth and easy immigration process. Immigrants can choose the process which is best suited to their skill sets. Some of the major programs for getting a Canada PR are as follows:

Express Entry Program: It is the most popular immigration program for getting a Canada PR. On an average, application processing takes around 6 to 8 months. It is a point-based program. To be able to apply for this program, candidate needs to score 67 points that are set as an eligibility criterion in express entry program. Candidates need to create an expression profile and submit all their credentials. Based on those credentials points are awarded to the expression profile of the candidate. Express profiles are then submitted into the express pool where based on Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) profiles are ranked. Higher ranked profiles are then given an Invitation to Apply (ITA) to apply for a permanent residence visa to the IRCC.

Provincial Nomination Program (PNP): Via this program provinces are able to nominate the highly skilled immigrants for permanent residency in their province. Skilled immigrants will help in the economic development of the province. Every provincial nomination program has their own different requirements based on the demand of the local labor market. There are two ways to apply for PNP. First is directly approaching the immigration office of the province you want to settle in. Second is via the express entry program. Candidates need to show Expression of Interest (EOI) in their express profile and select the province they want to settle in. Candidates who are able to get a provincial nomination are awarded 600 CRS points. These many points are more than enough to apply for permanent residence to the IRCC.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP): This program is for the candidate who wanted to settle in the Quebec province. Quebec immigration office uses this program to select the skilled immigrants for permanent residence in the province. There are two steps in this program – first, is to get a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) which shows that the candidate is selected by the Quebec immigration office. The second step is to apply for a permanent residence visa to IRCC.

Document required to apply for Canada PR

Following are the list of documents that are required in order to apply for Canada permanent residence visa and they are as follows:

  • IELTS examination score to prove your language proficiency.
  • If candidate has a provincial nomination, they need to have a document as a proof for the same.
  • A validated job-offer from an eligible employer of the province.
  • Proof of funds to show that the candidate will be able to support themselves and their family members in Canada for at least 3 months.
  • Legal traveling documents.
  • Medical examination certification.
  • Police Clearance certification.