Want to Grow Your HR Career Again? Make Sure Certifications are a Part of Your Action Plan!

HR Certification

Just like companies are always thinking about adding value in the long-run along with high paced growth, HR professionals must possess the potential to grow in their role, too. However, they rarely consider their own value to the company. But why? Understanding how you can add value is important for the results that you are eyeing and this will eventually give you a sense of purpose to add value and hence, improve the career of your choice. Getting to the point, what can you do to enhance your career in HR? The answer is simple – professional proficiency and value additions are best exhibited with certifications of educations!

HR Certification

The first step starts with looking at your role and see how you can add more, and better, value. After you have found the purpose of the role, you can start working towards perfection. Having SMART objectives will help you know what you need to accomplish to move ahead. Pursuing high-grade, industry respected HR certifications is one of the best possible ways to acquire more knowledge and expertise. The HR professionals are placing a high value on the HR certifications and there are several criteria to evaluate their real value. The appropriate certifications can always give you a real leg-up when it comes to serious career growth in human resources. Such courses provide you with a renewed sense in the domain of human resources and how you can have a better sense, since it’s of utmost importance to learn and step outside of your comfort zone. This creates incredible opportunities for your career growth and incorporates strategic thinking. Remember that every single role in the organization is equally responsible for contributing to the overall success of the company

The number one question that every HR professional thinks about certifications is, “do they promote career growth?”  And the answer is a resounding “Yes, Indeed!” The certifications do hold some weight as several job postings out there today require different kind of certifications which act as a mandatory prerequisite for the role. But, will getting that TMP (Talent Management Practitioner) or STMP (Senior Talent Management Practitioner) on your resume really help in landing that next coveted role? Several human resources managers state the fact that they would always hire a person with a certification vs. someone who doesn’t have it as it. It evidently signifies that the person has already gone through a stringent process and have taken the necessary steps to gain that knowledge, which of course, adds a certain level of credibility. Almost 90% of the employers think that the prestigious and intensive HR certifications are important and they would often favor a certified individual to take over a non-HR certified individual. From the statistics, it is pretty clear that certifications play a major role in landing a promising job. Additionally, it is essential to have a strong positive impact and almost 90% of the employers admitted that certifications can act as an amplifier in getting a promotion. According to PayScale, there is a significant difference between a certified professional and a non-certified professional all around the world, across all the industries. An individual with a TMP or STMP certification can earn a noticeably better income and gets a significant increase in salary than those who don’t have a certification.

Career Growth is crucial for any professional, and HR certifications hold the key to proving your skills and knowledge to your employer. In a domain like Talent Management, continuous upgradation in technology and processes required your knowledge to be constantly upgraded as well. The best way to prove this to your employer is with certifications, so get yours today!