Get Going With Online Recharge

online recharge

The word ‘online’ means performing any action under the control of a computer, the internet or any other computer network. In other words, this word ‘online’ today is synonymous with any kind of activity that requires the internet or World Wide Web access.

online recharge

These activities can be performed using highly specialized devices like the computer, laptop, tablets and smart phones. Typically the most common online activities that we carry out are:-

  • Accessing, reading and composing emails
  • Accessing social media sites and Apps
  • Shopping that includes ordering and purchasing of products, services, booking hotel rooms and movie tickets, buying flight and rail tickets, ordering food.
  • Paying utility bills like electricity, mobile, landline, gas connection
  • Online recharge of mobile phones, DTH service, metro card and more

Let’s have a quick look at the percentile of people who indulge in various net related activities all across the world. The three most common activities that all people irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, sex or nationality conduct online are:-

  1. Send or read email 92% of internet users in the world conduct this activity
  2. An online search using search engines 89% of the online population indulge in this
  3. Search map online for driving directions 86% people depend on the net for this

Some other activities were ranked as below:

  1. Banking online 53% trust the internet enough to carry out this operation
  2. Pay bills including online recharge only 33% people use the internet as on date for this

Online recharge can be done in two ways:-

  1. The official brand website of the service provider, or their App and
  2. Third party website or downloadable App of an online recharge reseller. Common resellers in India are Phonepe, Mobikwik and Paytm that have an exclusive contract with different service providers of various types of services to permit and facilitate online recharge of their services. These services include prepaid services like mobile recharge, data card recharge, Direct-to-home recharge, cable TV and metro smartcard recharge. These resellers also enable virtual payment of post paid utility bills like electricity, mobile, landline, DTH service, broadband, cable TV, fees payment, gas bills, data card, insurance, water, credit card, challan, municipal payments, toll tag and lot more.

Recharging on the internet can be done from any place, any device that has internet connectivity either through Wi-Fi, DSL, broadband or cellular technology. If you own a smart phone you can recharge using your handset. Use your personal computer or laptop from your homes or you can go to the cyber café or use one of your friend’s computer systems to get the same done. Highly simplified and convenient process of online recharge is the main reason why millions of people all over the world like to go the internet way and use one of the biggest invention of the twentieth century to get recharge done and bills paid.

Using a prepaid connection? No need to worry about recharging the connection anymore. It is a cakewalk now with internet at your service!