Four Prospective Sectors for Jobs in Lucknow

Four Prospective Sectors for Jobs in Lucknow

Four Prospective Sectors for Jobs in Lucknow

Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh is an important urban agglomeration, providing great possibilities of growth for professionals. There is this misconception among people that it is only the metro cities which provide great employment opportunities. While this is true to a great extent, we cannot deny the fact that many big and small cities and towns are being developed over the years and have great scope of career growth, and this includes Lucknow too. Interested local people as well as outsiders can apply for a wide range of jobs in Lucknow in different sectors. The government sector is still the major provider of jobs in the city. But, there are many new developments coming up opening up great avenues of employment. There is the ongoing project of the IT city and International Cricket Stadium, the introduction of metro trains and some other important projects which have already opened up a great number of jobs in Lucknow. Once these projects get completed, more job avenues will be opened up.

Besides the new projects, Lucknow already has a base of some of the major industries of the country, including aeronautics, machine tools, distillery chemicals, automotives, the traditional Chikan embroidery sector. All these industries and new developmental projects have provided a number of jobs in Lucknow, both for skilled and unskilled people of the city.

Prospective sectors for jobs in Lucknow

Let us find out below some of the major areas or sectors in Lucknow, where there is a great chance of career growth, both for the freshers and the experienced ones.

IT sector: Till a few years back, Lucknow was not an IT city. But in today’s time, it is an upcoming IT city with a number of software and software service companies having their offices, delivery and service centers here. All these companies offer a wide range of IT jobs in Lucknow, both technical and non-technical. Tata Consultancy Services is a prominent company in Lucknow, occupying a major area in Gomti Nagar, supposed to the second largest establishment in the state. Then there is the new HCL – IT city in Lucknow, recently been opened up as a part of the state government IT & IT Start up policy. The first phase of the project has already been completed, offering jobs for many. Many new IT start-ups have come up. Plus there are many local software service and technology companies in the city.

Research & Development: Lucknow offers ample job opportunities for people who are interested in R&D as it is one of the important R&D centers of the country. Interested candidates with required qualification and experience can apply for research jobs in Lucknow in the prominent R&D centers of India like as the Central Institute of Medical and Aromatic Plants, National Milk Grid of the National Dairy Development Board, U.P. Export Corporation, the National Handloom Development Corporation etc. There are research jobs available in CII and EDII, including Indian Institute of Management, IIM Lucknow.

Handicrafts and textiles: There is the need for skilled workers in the various small scale industries in the city. The city is a major exporter of marble items, handicrafts, gems, jewellery, textiles, including Chikan embroidery works. In fact, the central government has allocated Rs. 200 crores to set up a textile business centre in Lucknow to promote the growth of this industry. This sector offers jobs in Lucknow for both the educated and the non-educated, skilled class of people.

Transport and infrastructure: The state government of Lucknow has promoted public-private partnerships for the development of the transport and infrastructure sectors in the city. This includes roads, expressways, electricity, water supply etc. Lucknow has already started metro train services, there is the Agra – Lucknow Expressway, which has recently been completed and is the longest and the fastest Greenfield expressway in India. All these have opened up lucrative jobs in Lucknow.

So, next time, if you feel that Lucknow is only a state capital and an ancient city of culture, then you have to think twice. Lucknow is one among the 10 fastest growing job-creating cities in the country.