Employer Can Monitor Employees Activities with Monitoring Software

Monitoring Software

The monitoring applications have turned out to be the biggest expediters of entrepreneurs and business managers. The installation of the tracking software on the company-owned mobile phones and computer devices enable employers to track the productivity of the workers, eliminate unnecessary activities, remotely operate the business operations and protect company assets and sensitive data. There are innumerable employee monitoring and business management software to streamline the business operations and boost employee productivity. However, picking reliable and efficient software is the key.

Monitoring Software

We have reviewed several top-notch employee monitoring software and come up with the most efficient and high-tech software for employee monitoring. TheOneSpy is found to be feature-rich spy software that allows remote monitoring of workforces, company assets and confidential information. Read on to know how this software facilitates employers in getting the most out of their workers.

Employee Monitoring Software

The employee monitoring software is a cross-platform monitoring solution intended for small and medium scale businesses. Once you install the software on the company-owned mobile phones and computers, you can monitor every activity performed on these monitored devices through an online control panel of the spyware. The application fetches the information from the monitored device and uploads to the online account from where the end-user of the surveillance software can review it.

Monitor Employees’ Messages

The mobile phone surveillance software lets you monitor the messages received and transmitted by your workers. It lets you supervise the communication of your workers with co-workers, upper management, customers and third parties. You can monitor text messages, MMS and instant messages exchanged via Skype, WhatsApp, Line, Viber and other instant messengers.

Call Recording

The spyware lets you track the inbound and outbound phone calls of your customer care representatives. It records all phone calls received and made from the monitored phones and uploads the recorded calls to confidential online account with the detail of callers and recipients.

Monitor Social Media

The employee tracking software lets you monitor the progress of your social media managers by remotely tracking the popular social messengers. The spyware allows spying on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr and other popular social networking platforms. It lets you monitor the conversations made via these platforms and posts shared on these social sites. This information helps you ensure your social media managers or other workers do not post false or confidential information on the social sites.   

Track Remote Workers’ Location

The location tracking enables employers to find out the exact location of the remote workers. It allows carrier companies to keep tabs on the movement of transporters, sales and marketing personnel. It lets you ensure your worker is on an assigned visit and not killing his time on unproductive or personal chores.

Monitor Online Accounts with Keylogs

The mobile phone and compute monitoring software allows employers to track the emails received and sent via monitored devices. Also, it records the strokes applied to the keyboard of the target device. The Keylogs of usernames, passwords and email addresses allow monitoring the online accounts once operated on the target device.

Monitor Workplace Gossips

The employee surveillance software allows monitoring the workplace gossips to prevent workers from bad-mouthing, harassment and unproductive tasks. The spyware lets you take over the microphone of the monitored mobile phones and computers to listen to the surrounding sounds and voices. You can listen and record the conversations of your workers for hours by sending a command via an online control panel of spyware.

Live Surround Monitoring

TheOneSpy is the most high-tech employee monitoring software that offers live surround monitoring. It allows the employer to watch the activities performed in the surroundings of the monitored phone and computer. By sending a remote command through the online control panel, you can turn on the secondary and primary cameras of the monitored phone and computer to see and record the surrounding scenes.

Access Internet History

The employee surveillance software lets you supervise the internet use of your workers. It lets you find out if your workers use the internet facility for the company benefit or for personal purposes. It gets access to the internet browsing history of the monitored device and shows URLs of the web pages visited by the workers on monitored devices.


Feature-rich and reasonably priced employee monitoring solution that allows tracking every single online and offline activity of the workforce. It helps employers to accelerate the employee productivity by keeping them from getting engaged in unproductive and malicious activities.