Dementia – Common Symptoms and Risk Factors

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Dementia is a disorder describing a set of symptoms including memory disorder, impaired reasoning and personality changes. A person suffering from this disease finds it hard to remember things, experiences difficulties in thinking and problem-solving. These changes are pretty small in the beginning. However, soon these symptoms become severe and start affecting day to day life of the patient. These changes are also accompanied by behavior or mood changes. A person experiencing these symptoms should see a dementia care specialist in Stow Ohio.

This disease is caused when some sort of damage is occurred in the brain due to some disease. A series of strokes or Alzheimer’s disease can cause some damage to the brain. However, the symptoms of this condition depend on the damaged part of the brain. Apart from that, symptoms of dementia also depend on the disease that causes this condition.

Common symptoms of dementia

When the dementia is in the early stages, people suffering from these condition experience different symptoms as there are different types of dementia. Apart from that, the environment and the way people living around the patient respond also affects the daily life of the patient. A person suffering from dementia shows thinking and memory related cognitive symptoms. The patient is likely to face the following problems in daily life.

  • The patient is most likely to find it hard to recall recent events and face difficulties in other day to day activities due to memory problem.
  • Difficulty in planning, organizing and concentration makes it difficult to solve problems and even carry out cooking a meal and other sequences of tasks.
  • The patient faces language problems such as finding the right word or difficulty in conversation.
  • Judging distances, seeing objects in 3D and other problems related to visuospatial skills also expected.
  • The patient faces problems with the orientation such as losing track of date or day.

Anyone experiencing these symptoms should see a dementia care specialist in Stow Ohio for diagnosis and treatment. Changes in mood such as becoming irritable or frustrated can be seen in a person suffering from this disease. The patient easily gets upset. The patient often becomes apathetic or withdrawn. The patient also experiences delusions or visual hallucinations. 1 in 14 with age more than 65 is most likely to develop dementia.

However, it does not mean that younger people are immune to this condition. In the UK, 42000 people with age less than 65 are suffering from dementia.

Is dementia inherited?

There are some types of dementia that are inherited. However, the number of such patients is small. There is a single gene directly causing this disease. In case this condition is inherited, the patient is likely to develop this condition before the age of 65.

Find a dementia care specialist in Stow Ohio for diagnosis and treatment.