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Natural Face and Neck Lift in Atlanta

Natural Face and Neck Lift in Atlanta

With the passage of time, the aging of our face is certain. The various factors that contribute towards this include the exposure to the sun, stress, facial bones undergoing morphological changes, weight fluctuations, smoking, alcohol, causing a loss in tension and elasticity of skin, groove deepening, irregular pigmentation and or periorbital wrinkles.

The facelift is also known by the name of facial or cervicofacial rhytidectomy. It is a procedure to reorganize the tissues of the face that move down from the upper, middle and base, thereby getting away with the facial wrinkles, frown lines, and redefining the jaw and neck boundaries and angles. You must bear in mind there is no procedure that can put a stop to your aging but this helps to recover your facial appearance making it more beautiful, in good physical shape and revitalized. There are several plastic surgery centers that offer facelift in Atlanta. We just need to research well before approaching one to avail the services. Atlanta Institute for Facial Aesthetic Surgery is the preferred center among the people here.

Facial Aesthetic Surgery

The facelift should be carried out in an operating room. The plastic surgeons usually make use of local anesthesia and sedation to perform the surgery. The incisions are completed which help to reset the muscle and fat structures are constrict them to give them a younger and energized look. It all depends upon the procedure type whether the patient has to stay in the hospital or just placing a bandage on the face and neck can do. The patient is advised to take adequate rest and can continue normal activities after around 2 weeks of the surgery.

There are various risks associated with the facelift plastic surgery that include visible or hypertrophic scars, infection, hematoma, and abnormal facial motility. You, however, get long-lasting results of the facelift surgery, mostly for approximately 10 years. The surgeon at Atlanta Institute for Facial Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Sinha is board certified and holds a great expertise in facelift in Atlanta GA. He also is skilled in neck, hands, and skin surgery. Though you continue to age, you can still look young by maintaining a stable body weight, adopting a healthy lifestyle and staying away from the sun. So, talk to Dr. Sinha for facelift in Atlanta and feel young and beautiful.

You can also consult Dr. Sinha if you want to have a neck lift surgery in Atlanta. He usually carries out Facelifts and neck lifts together with other surgical actions, like rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, and chin liposuction to get better rejuvenation results for the patients rather than performing them separately. The neck lift in Atlanta takes place in a recognized and approved ambulatory surgical center next to their office.

But, every surgical procedure brings with itself some benefits, risks as well as limitations. So, it is essential for the patients to be extra careful about these benefits and risks before experiencing the surgery. Gather as much information as you want about the Atlanta neck lift and facelift so that you end up making a sensible decision.