Complete Guide to Score High in IAS Mains exam with top-Notch Answering Skills

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Scoring great marks and achieving a high rank is something that everyone wants but when it comes to IAS Exams, achieving such high results become extremely difficult as the number of aspirants that you are competing against becomes too high and this is the time when your lack of skills in framing and answering questions deals you the most damage.

This is why it is very important for an IAS aspirant to learn the skill of curating answers that are of the top-notch quality and in order to help you achieve the best results and that too quickly, in this article we will deal about various strategies that will help you to achieve better marks and higher rank with the help of your answer framing skills. So, with that being said, let’s just jump right into it.

  • Read the question thoroughly before answering it: One of the most common problems among aspirants who are giving their first attempt is that they fail to read the question papers thoroughly and thus, fail to answer the questions in the right manner. The reason behind this is that every question asks for a different approach to be answered as. Thus, if you do not read the question thoroughly, the chances of you framing an answer for the wrong question style increases exponentially.
  • Don’t over-stretch answers: Another general mistake among aspirants is that they spend too much time writing just one answer where if managed correctly, they would have been able to cover up some part of the other answer as well in the same time. Thus, make sure to write an answer on that much which is necessary. Also, the word count should not be the only factor that you should take care of. If the answer is consuming more time than necessary then simply move on by wrapping up the answer.
  • Use proper formatting: Framing an answer is all about how well you use the formatting skills. The proper format of an IAS mains answer is to start of the answer with a short but informative introduction which can be of a length of somewhere between 3 to 4 lines. After that comes the main body part which is known to have the biggest leverage in the overall ranking and grading, so, here you should focus on what you are writing in it. Also, you should maintain the flow of what you write by adding bullets or by separating paragraphs for better readability of the answer. Now, in the end, you should conclude the answer by wrapping up in such a manner that you do not overwrite on the ideas that you have introduced earlier.
  • Opinion/Fact-based answer: At last, you need to understand as for whether the question you are dealing with is opinion based or Fact-based as both of them require a different type of formatting. So, make sure to check it first-hand.

So, this is a short yet complete guide that you should keep in your mind while writing the answer in your CSE attempt.

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