Buy Cats Eye Stone (Lehsunia) and Blue Sapphire Gemstone Online

Cats Eye Stone

The Cats eye stone except known for its appearance is also a great deal to have when it comes to metaphysical powers and properties. The Cat’s eye according to the Vedic astrology is a part of the Planet Ketu or the South Nodu of the Moon. The reason why people tense to have this stone is that it is believed to have some kind of intense energies which shows effects quite fast. In the same manner, the Blue Sapphire gemstone is considered to be a part of Saturn.

Cats Eye Stone

These gemstones consist some extreme powers and energies and should only be worn when recommended by any Jyotish. Apart from it, the gemstone should be flawless and should be of Jyotish Quality. Wearing a Blue Sapphire of some flaw can cause serious accidents and health problems.

However, you don’t need to worry about the Jyotish Quality of the gemstone if you are here. If you want to buy Cat’s eye stone or if you want to buy Blue Sapphire gemstone online, Shiv Rattan Kendra is the one for you. Below we have listed the top benefits of wearing a Lehsunia and Blue Sapphire gemstone.

Benefits of Cat’s Eye Stone and Blue Sapphire Gemstone

  1. The Blue Sapphire gemstone is considered to be the fastest acting gemstone of all time. The best thing about the stone is that it blesses people with wealth, good luck, promotion, opportunity within 1 month of wearing it.
  2. The Cat’s eye stone is praised with the power of helping people out to get their lost wealth back. It is believed the stone has the capacity to start a closed business. Choosing among the two, you should go with the Lehsunia in case you are one of the persons who love to gamble or participate in speculative activities. This stone is for the risk-takers and adventurous people.
  3. Apart from just bringing wealth, good luck, promotions, and opportunities in your life, the Blue Sapphire even protects you from enemies, evil eye, jealousy and all sort of evil thing from the different realm. It even brings forth mental clarity, high reasoning power and clears out all confusion quickly.
  4. Many are affected by spiritual believes thus the blue sapphire stone can help you to perform austere spiritual practices, improves meditation quality and aids in self-realization. The gemstone is blessed with the power to balance the Sahasrara chakra or the crown chakra (the chakra where the cosmic energy meets the Kundalini).
  5. Speaking of Cat’s eye stone, Ketu is a planet which helps individual to evolve difficult times and various experience. This stone can help you cut off from the world and people who don’t do any good in your life. Spiritual advancement in the life of a person particularly towards religious beliefs is also observed in the recent times.

The quality of the stone that you get totally depends of the carat you go for.