Breaking down the VLSI technology in simple words

VLSI courses in Bangalore

Very-large-scale integration is what VLSI stands for. VLSI is a meticulous process where an integrated circuit is created after combining tens and thousands of devices and transistors into a single chip. It’s almost like being a human. Imagine all the blood cells, bacteria, hair follicles coming together as one to create a human being. It’s wonderful and absolutely magical.

VLSI courses in Bangalore

This entire process began in the early 1970s when the technology for complex communication and semiconductor were being developed. Now VLSI has become a very sought after field and if you’re interested in the same, your worth automatically moves up a notch in the electronic and communication field and you can get placed in very good foreign companies.

Advantages of VLSI:

  1. The effective cost of the devices get reduced: When you use a technology like VLSI, a lot of money gets saved because everything is interconnected therefore leading to a lower consumption of electricity.
  2. There is higher reliability: The demand for this technology and learning it proves that it is not only good but also extremely reliable.
  3. The area occupied is relatively small: A processor is a small chip placed inside a machine doing wonders. You wouldn’t even know about its existence unless someone told you about it. This hidden chip is a storehouse of information and processing and this makes it a very sought after field to do research on. This is why you will find so many individuals going for internship in vlsi companies in bangalore.
  4. It requires less power than discrete components: The low amount of power required to run it proves that with great technology comes great savings.
  5. The size of circuits get reduced significantly: This also makes it economically efficient.

Uses of VLSI :

It is safe to say that without VLSI, none of the advanced technology in this world is going to work. VLSI chips are now used everywhere and more so in different branches of Engineering. For example: In Computers, Automobiles, Digital Signal Processors, Commercial Electronics, Medicine and Voice and Data Communication network.

Putting something like millions of transistors together inside a chip which is as small as a few square mm is not an easy task, which is why designers for this job are required.

Why choose Bangalore for learning VLSI?

  1. Bangalore is the IT hub of India and is now being called the best city in the country when it comes to job opportunities and work environment.
  2. It is known as the Silicon Valley of India. Bangalore is home to many technology companies and startups which make the city extremely sought after for professionals in that field. The entire city is alive with people who have new ideas and are passionate about what they do.

People here are extremely dedicated and are best at whatever they take up. People here don’t go with the flow and don’t get their work schedules interrupted. So if you’re looking for an internship in VLSI design in Bangalore, know that you will be focused on your work more easily than you can imagine.