6 Web Design And Development Trends To Look Out For In 2017

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Website design and development sector are seeing something new every passing day with every new demand that people are coming up with, worldwide. The fact that users have become so change friendly at the back of the plethora of options that they witness every passing hour, have only contributed to the ever changing trends. For all those who are looking to be up to date with all that is going to change in the sector, or those who are looking to launch their website this year, here are the six trends that will dominate web design and development industry this year, 2017 – the ones that you need to share with them with the web development companies you trust –

Web Design And Development Trends

What’s dead or about to die? – Flash and Hamburger Menu
Most browsers are getting rid of Flash and turning into the favor of HTML 5. So in case, your site runs majorly on Flash, it is time to make the switch. Just like Flash, Hamburger menu is also counting its last days. Companies believe that hamburger menu has caused a decline in user engagement, making it bid adieu from the industry.

360-degree view
Images will lose their place to virtual 360-degree views. If you have been struggling to get users attention, this might be the element that brings them back and then captivate their attention. From becoming the base of a real estate website to being a tool to look goes inside an office in the About Us section, 360 degrees or AI are all set to be the next big thing.

Bots will become a prime part of the website
Tired of exploring the websites themselves through the menu, users called out for something that is now going to become a prime part of any website– Chatbots. The virtual assistant feature that stays inside the technology will help people with everything from finding a product/ content, to book their tickets, and helping users finalize a date for their next trip.

Angular 2
This year, 2016 witnessed the coming of Angular 2that came with a number of changes including the complete redesigning of Google’s JavaScript framework. The new Angular will take advantage of the JavaScript features once JavaScript ES6 and the other applications are written in TypeScript, which allows for the possibility of a more component is driven architecture.

Static Site Generators for the cost crunched bloggers
For the bloggers looking to save some major bucks, Static site generators come as a major respite. They convert plain, simple text into a static blog or website, proving themselves to be an efficient great way to make websites. The best part is that you won’t need a database as the web pages will simply run on the servers. Although it has its share of shortcomings, the concept has been growing in demand.

One page websites
Going are the days of 15-20 pages websites, single page drops down websites are getting all the attention now because of the ease and flow they provide and also because of the fact that they look seamless on mobile devices. The design brings with itself SEO and Meta description related issues which will take the time to get resolved.

So here are the trends that will rule 2017, how many have you implemented on your website yet?