What to do the night before trail marathon?

What to do the night before trail marathon

Kaveri Trail Marathon is India’s first trail marathon, which needs some finest hours of training so that some brave men and women can take up the challenge. This marathon started in 2007 just as a training run for the Bangalore Ultra with only 170 runners.

What to do the night before trail marathon

The Kaveri trail marathon 2018 is happening at Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary of Karnataka. One can go for the full marathon or the half marathon or the newly launched 5k run depending on their tenacity. The basic registration fee is Rs950 and it starts on 24th November at 6 AM in the morning and ends at 10 AM the day after that is 25th November.

Once you register you get the following.

  • Bragging rights
  • A timing tag
  • A finisher medal
  • An online timing e-certificate for digital proof of your conquests.
  • A post-race meal
  • Race Transport (but there is an additional cost for that)
  • Race T-shirt (it also comes with an additional cost)

The marathon will start at 6 AM on 24th of November, which is a Saturday. For half marathon, it will begin at 6.30 AM, the same day. The 10k run will begin the next day and the 5 k run also will begin the next day that is, on 25th November.

Joining a half or full marathon may seem easy, but it is definitely not an easy one. One needs to go for a proper preparation for this. Once the training is done, you need to follow certain rules the day before the marathon.

  • When you are under training, you will be told that you should be eating at least 60 to 70 percent of your calories from the carbohydrates. So, the night before, do not stuff yourself with plenty of dinners. You need to eat just a regular dinner that you do every day but just the carbohydrate content in that dinner should be more.
  • Do not eat something unusual before the marathon day. Stick to the food which you have been eating for the last one month in training. It is advisable not to eat out or in a restaurant on the night before the marathon. Home cooked food is the best.
  • You need to drink plenty of water throughout the day. If you stay hydrated when you have a normal urine flow which is very important. You can also go for a sports drink to get some extra electrolytes. Avoid the alcoholic beverages as they have major dehydrating effects on the body. It will also hamper your sleep the night before.
  • Try to relax the day before the run. Do not spend too many hours working and doing other things that will stress you out more than normal. Do not tire out your feet by walking some extra miles or running. But yes, you can go for a short run only if you need it. But that should not be more than 30 minutes.

One should start Kaveri trail marathon training from now onwards.