Top 5 Website for Online Music

Top 5 website for online music

All the music lovers understand what music can bring to them when they are traveling or when they waiting somewhere or just when they are feeling like listening to their song. Music is recreational and therapeutic and that is why there are many websites online that are focused on providing quality music.

Top 5 website for online music

Right now there are millions of people who at one given point in the day are on one website or the other listening to online music. Now the world of online music is vast and thus one cannot be on every website which makes them choose between just a few of them. It is common that you already have your Pandora station plugged in to know what the new release is every Tuesday.  Every website is making all efforts to ensure that they ace the game to make sure the users enjoy it. The users sometimes miss out on following the right website because they get confused in the vast options and thus here is a long thought after list of all the important websites that will make all the music lovers go waoo when they start their journey on them. 

These websites have apps which are suitable for your smartphones. In fact, most of the websites have mobile-friendly websites also which loads in no time and makes it simple for them to listen to the music they are looking for. You do not have to take the pressure of choosing every time if you do not wish to do that. You can then simply choose the latest song list or choose the picked up song by top listeners which can play. There are also choices to pick songs according to your mood which can help you to listen to the new and old ones which suit the current requirements. 

Now if you wish to enjoy the songs and do not want to miss out then here are some handpicked websites that are popular with all the music lovers. is a highly popular option as there is a vibrant interface which makes music players enjoy it at all phases. There are easy options of gapless playing of songs which is possible only because one can preload the next song while the current one is playing. You can turn off the option if you do not wish to do that but since this is a preferred way of listening it makes no sense to do that. The gaana coupons are also available that can be used to enjoy the membership option at a lesser price. The website offers a decent membership option which means that unlimited download options will be available after a little spending.

Spotify: This one is another gem in the category which has stayed strong no matter what all competition it had to face. The music app has been at par with the pioneering Pandora and has also stayed with the head held high when it comes to new entries. This is mainly because it focuses on what it does best and does not sway away. It might not provide weather updates or DJs but the music content along with video and digital content makes up for the absence of other features. The users can enjoy limited yet quality music experience by opting for a free plan. Then there is spotify premium which allows access to many select albums which are in the release process and there are additional features.

Pandora: Started as an Internet radio Pandora has evolved with time giving the listeners the experience that they deserve. There are many features available with this app which includes an alarm that stops the streaming at the desired time. This is useful when you wish to fall asleep while listening to your favorite songs. You can create a profile which allows you to comment and other to comment on it. Adding songs and adding stations to the profile will enable you to connect with the songs anytime later. You can integrate social media profiles so that it becomes a huge network. You will not miss out on any song as the feed station will allow you to keep updated with the latest happenings. With Pandora premium or plus account, the users will not be disturbed with unwanted ads.    

Saavn: This one has a huge collection of over 30 million songs that are available from many different genre of music. There is an added radio station for uninterrupted song play. There is a simple way to find the right kind of music which is by simply clicking on the mood or the artist and the website will recommend the songs which are suitable. This one allow easy integration with social media and thus one can share songs on Facebook or Twitter and keep connected with friends and family. It even allows you to download videos from the website for later listening and it can be synced with 5 devices at once. The users can choose Saavn pro for no ads option and get added benefits

Wynk: There is no dearth of songs on this amazing platform as there are more than 2.2 million songs for the users. They come from various different genres and there is a huge choice of international music on it. The site is completely ads free which means that users will not get interrupted while they are listening to songs. This is one of the most preferred options as it provides many features without the user having to opt for a premium account. This includes the download of quality music which is the reason so many users connect to Wynk. Since it is the child of Airtel a telecommunication company the users with the same connection gets the subscription at a lower price. The non-airtel users should, however, not get disheartened as they also do not have to pay a lot. 

When you wish to have a great listening experience then there are many options. With most of these websites providing mobile-friendly apps it becomes even more simple to connect with them.   

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