Three Ways You Can Prevent Damage While Towing Your Vehicle

Three Ways You Can Prevent Damage While Towing Your Vehicle

Your vehicle has broken down when you are miles away from the destination. And, you have come too far to turn around. That’s a big headache. You are in the middle of somewhere. This is where an emergency towing services provider can rescue you. However, if you rely on a bad towing company not having all the required equipment and tools, this is going to be frustrating and incredibly inconvenient. Things are expected to get worse when the driver is a newbie. Your vehicle is likely to get further damaged if you call an inexperienced towing services provider.

If you are driving to Seattle, you better have the contact details of a reliable Seattle towing services provider. Find a towing company in Seattle with years of experience and a proven track record. Such towing companies have tow trucks fully equipped to tow any vehicle including your car. Find a towing company that can ensure the safety of your vehicle during the process towing. Otherwise, expect further damages. Although an experienced towing company will take care of everything, you at your end can take the following three precautionary measures to eliminate the possibility of damage during towing.  

Make sure that the emergency brake is released

Once your vehicle is towed, it is in the hands of the driver of the tow vehicle. Your car is not going to go anywhere on its own. So, putting the brake on makes perfect sense. However, if the towing company is going to tow your car in the traditional way that is two wheels on the road, this will damage the car if you do not release emergency brakes. This will ensure that no damage occurs to the brake. You can do this in park too. However, while dealing with automatic transmission, non-driving wheels should be on the ground. On the other hand, you can tow manual transmission vehicles on any wheels and keep the brake off.

There is no such issue when your vehicle is being towed via a flatbed. An experienced tow truck driver will anyway tell you to do so.

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Don’t forget to roll up windows

This aspect is often overlooked while towing a vehicle. Make sure you roll up the windows of your vehicle. The tow truck will kick up dirt and dust particles which will get into your vehicle. This might cause a significant damage to the upholstery and you will have to incur the cleaning cost.    

Take some photographs

You have a smartphone in your pocket. Take some photographs before the driver tows your vehicle. It is really helpful if you take some quick snaps of the current conditions of your car before it is picked by a tow truck. This is not going to prevent any damage. However, it will provide some degree of protection. In case your car is damaged by the towing company, these photographs will serve the purpose of an evidence.         

The best way to prevent damage during the towing process is finding the experienced and reliable towing services in Kent WA. A reliable towing company offers all-inclusive towing services and roadside assistance such as towing, jump starts, accident recoveries, winch-outs, unlocks, impounds, flatbed services, roadside assistance, equipment transport, specialty vehicles, class A motorhomes, class B and C motorhomes and 5th wheel & trailer.

A customer not getting satisfactory services often expresses his anger or disappointment on the Facebook profile of the towing company. Similarly, a satisfied customer writes positive reviews about the company. The reviews customers leave on Google, Facebook and other platforms tell everything about the quality and reliability of a towing company. And, experience speaks for itself. Go for the most experienced towing company.