The Benefits Of Using Organic Holi Colours

You know how they say, you must learn from your mistake? Well, that’s something Indians as a whole are rather good at. We love making mistakes again and again before we actually learn from it. Case in point being, air pollution. It was only after the environment started to take a turn for the worst before our government decided to bring in CNG. CNG alone, made the air we breathe that little bit cleaner. The same can be said for fireworks on Diwali. I know firecrackers are still used, but not as much… and that’s progress to me. Now however, we have another mistake we’ve made too many times… and our learning is due. This is the mistake of using chemically derived artificial Holi colours or gulal.

Artificial colors/gulal for Holi have flooded our market in recent times. The ever-growing popularity of Holi both within India and outside India has led to companies producing large amounts of chemical based colors to meet the high demand. This trend, on the face of it seems okay but in reality, it’s really not.

Why We Shouldn’t Use Artificial Colors For Holi?

The chemicals from these artificial colors can not only damage your skin by way of giving you rashes, burns & allergies but can also begin harming the environment. These artificial colours for Holi contain chemicals like lead oxide, copper sulphate, aluminum bromide, cobalt nitrate & many others. All of these chemicals are actually used for industrial purposes. As if that’s not bad enough, there is little to no regulation set on the manufacturing of these artificial colors. Just think about what happens once the festival is over? The Holi colors used to celebrate are simply left untouched. Eventually, these colors seep into the soil when washed or with rains coming in. You really don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you the above stated chemicals can damage our soil.

So, what do we do about this? Well, its rather simple. Just go buy organic Holi colours online instead of running down to the local market to pick up the colors you get on the street. While these organic colors for Holi do cost a little bit more, they come with multiple benefits for you, your family & the environment.

Why Should We Play Holi With Natural Colours?

First things first, organic Holi colors have been derived from natural resources available to us. For example, turmeric & haldi are used as the base material to create an organic yellow for Holi just as red sandalwood is used for the color red. As a result of this, organic holi colours do NOT cause any skin irritations like rashes, dryness, skin erosion & eczema. In extreme cases of chemical colors being used, people have claimed to have gotten bacterial infections on their skin either directly or through open wounds. Now that’s just the damage it does to your skin. If you’ve played Holi long enough, you know the color ends up on your hair as much, if not more than your skin. Therefore, your hair too can get heavily damaged. You would have been told by family & friends to use coconut oil before playing… this won’t be needed with organic Holi colours. Also, when the color eventually does make it to the inside of your mouth, you can worry less knowing that the colors are organic. Mind you, this does not mean it’s going to taste nice…

Artificial Holi Colours And Soil Pollution

Your body aside, let’s talk about the environment for second. These organic colors are far less harmful for the soil as compared to their chemical counter parts. The organic composition of these colors is claimed to be bio degradable, which basically means our soil can absorb such materials without causing harm to itself. As I mentioned before, the artificial colours contain chemicals that are used in industrial production. I think we all know how bad industrial chemicals are for the environment.

Knowing what you know now about the benefits of organic Holi colors, would you still use artificial colors with harmful chemicals? Is saving Rs 50 to Rs 100 really worth all the damage you do to your skin & hair? I don’t personally think so. Do you? Let us know in the comments down below.

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