What to do the night before trail marathon

What to do the night before trail marathon?

Kaveri Trail Marathon is India’s first trail marathon, which needs some finest hours of training so that some brave men and women can take up the challenge. This marathon started in 2007 just as a training run for the Bangalore Ultra with only 170 runners. The Kaveri trail marathon 2018 is happening at Ranganthittu Bird […]

Bouldering Crash Pads

The Importance of Crash Pads while Bouldering

Essentially, bouldering was a form of rock climbing which was a method of training for mountaineering where climbers could practice without being too high off the ground. It was also considered a method of improving finger strength and stamina. But by the 1900’s, bouldering has become a sport of its own! As people started climbing […]

The Beginner’s Mastery of Inline Skating

At a certain point in your life, either sooner or later, chances are that you will want to chase some adrenaline, feel the urge for great heart-pounding vibes in your day-to-day routine. Perhaps you will turn your eyes to some extreme mountaineering adventures or you will fly off a plane, or go hunting Nile crocodiles […]