Property for Sale in Bangalore – Should You Buy an Apartment or Villa


Bangalore is seeing an upward trend in the number of residential properties being planned and developed in the city. If you want to buy a property for sale in Bangalore, there is no dearth of multiple types of properties. Hence, you may find it tough while deciding to buy an apartment or villa.

If you are finding it difficult to decide, then this article can clear your doubts. As you continue reading, you will come to know some factors on which you may decide.

  • The cost

The price is the most vital determining factors that drive a real estate decision. Talking of the price of an apartment or villa, it favours buying an apartment. It is no secret that the price of a villa will always be higher as compared with an apartment. What’s more, you also need to cough up higher maintenance cost on villas than apartments. When it comes to everyday living without paying too high, nothing comes close to apartments. Hence, when it comes to the costing, your property for sale in Bangalore should be an apartment.

  • The location

Villas are mostly for people who want to live peacefully and away from the chaos of city life. Hence, getting to and from offices, boarding a train or flight, or visiting a hospital may be taxing and time-consuming if you pick a villa. On the other hand, apartments such as Bren Edgewaters are located within the city.

Hence, you may find it easy to approach, commute to and from and reach all major places in town. The inadequate security in villas compared with apartments is another concern that you should pay heed. Hence, if you swear by the location while looking for property for sale in Bangalore, you should go for an apartment.

  • Price appreciation, ROI and rental income

It is vital to analyze the demographics of an area before buying property for sale in Bangalore such as an apartment or villa. You should try to forecast the percentage of price appreciation and ROI in case if you want to sell it in the future. Upcoming projects in your area and the higher price of properties in such areas could be big cues. You should also check if your investment property for sale in Bangalore will attract decent rental income if you rent it out or not. Apartments seem to be winning this category too! It is as they are centrally located, lesser priced with lower maintenance cost over villas.

People buy a villa mostly when they can afford to live far off the city to live a peaceful and healthy life in the lap of nature. On the other hand, apartments are a great real estate piece to invest and can work wonders on all parameters.

Thus, it depends on a person’s perspective what he selects while looking for property for sale in Bangalore. Even some guidance on it from a known real estate expert can also help you in this regard to deciding better!