Overcoming the Battery Issues with Smart Phones With Ease

Since the uses of battery phone are at the peak, the battery issues are also at a higher level. One common issue with a mobile phone is charging them. You might face certain issues like batteries draining out easily getting too long to be charged, your phone will work only in the plugged-in mode. This is the most faced issue next to the screen repair.

Apps that is hungry for battery

There are certain apps that are high power consuming power. Open your setting and choose battery you may find the battery consumption of each of those apps. Consider when you really need those apps. When you do not use them frequently you can also uninstall them.

Replace the battery if possible

It is common that your battery may die as you use them for years. At those when you change them you can have higher efficiency usage. Your battery can be saved if you have the control over the brightness, background process etc. read the reviews, consultant with the right technician and replace your battery with an efficient battery in the right mobile phone repair shop.

When your charger does not work

Sometimes you might note that you plug in your mobile for the whole night but the battery percentage will not reach 100. In some cases, your mobile battery will reach 100% but drains too fast. At these cases, it is not only the defect with the battery but also with the battery charger as well.  Check if your cables works properly try them with another cable. When you find if that is the issues it is better to get the new from the right manufacturer or else there may be certain additional issues regarding the mobile phone.

Control battery consumed by the Google play service

If you are using an android mobile then it is the default that you will have the service of the Google play service since it controls and communicates with all other apps on your phone. It also consumes a large amount of battery. You cannot stop them by you can try to control them by changing certain settings. Open settings click on applications and then click on all the Google play service. Now, click on the cache button. This helps in refreshing the Google play service and thus draining will be reduced. You can do the process at least once in the month to maintain your battery.

Reduce your sleep time

It is a well-known fact that the brightness in your mobile phone will drain the battery. In addition screen timeout of is also one of the factors to drain the battery. Make you setting appropriate to the sleep time. Try to have less sleep time as much possible.

It is important for your mobile phone to have a good battery; this helps you in efficiency and also the longer life on your phone. When there are any issues it is better to choose the best service to fix the issue. You can either choose an online medium or the authorized center or the third party smart phone repair shop.