Express True Feelings With Roses on Rose Day

Rose day

The month of love, February, is an ideal time for everyone to celebrate love and its different forms. In fact, the celebrations begin about a week before Valentine’s Day. Known as the Valentines week, it begins with the Rose Day.

Rose Day is the day when couples in love, singles in love, friends and family, all exchange Rose Day Gifts to express their feelings of love to their near and dear ones. Roses are exquisite flowers, and despite their popularity have a very special meaning on Rose Day. It is the different colors of these flowers that can truly help in expressing feelings. Here are some of the colors and their meanings.

  1. Red Roses – Red roses are the epitome of love. Giving a partner a red rose on Rose Day signifies love and passion. They also signify beauty, courage, and respect, and make perfect Rose Day gifts for better halves, fiancés as well as love interests.
  2. White Roses – White roses are a sign of purity, innocence and heavenly. White roses can be gifted to little girls, daughters and to the very elderly.
  3. Dark Pink roses – Dark pink roses signify gratitude and appreciation. They are perfect for gifting a boss or a colleague to show one’s appreciation and gratitude.
  4. Light Pink roses – Light pink roses mean sweetness, joy, and admiration. They can be presented in a lovely hand bunch to a sweet friend, a mother or a prospective love interest to express admiration.
  5. Yellow Roses – Yellow roses stand for friendship. They also mean joy, delight and commemorate new beginnings. Yellow roses are also gifted to welcome a person back to one’s life. They are great to gift to a long lost friend or to end a fight between friends.
  6. Orange Roses – Signifying desire and fascination, an exotic bouquet of orange roses can express a desire for a loved one.
  7. Peach roses – though not very common, peach roses express appreciation and a wish to get together. They make great gifts for friends, colleagues, parents, uncles, and aunts and even to a prospective love interest.
  8. Red and White roses – When red and white roses are gifted together, they signify unity in love. These are perfect for married couples to gift their better halves to celebrate the long-standing bonds of love.
  9. Red and Yellow roses – Gifting red and yellow roses to a friend helps express a desire to turn a friendship into a love.
  10. White and Yellow roses – when white and yellow roses are given together, they tell a friend that their friendship is pure and everlasting.

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