Get better at DOTA 2 with DOTA2 Smurf Accounts

DOTA2 Smurf accounts

DOTA 2 is one of the most popular MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games of the current generation. It is a Steam game and available for free to anyone who would like to play for Entertainment. Its popularity has made it one of the front-runners in the competitive gaming scene with cash prizes worth millions of dollar each year is given away to top professional teams, according to DOTA 2 News.

DOTA2 Smurf accounts

The thing that makes DOTA 2 such a popular, highly competitive game is the MMR Rank system. Aside from DOTA2 Smurf accounts people with new accounts are assigned specific, numeric values of MMR based on their skill and gameplay and a Rank that matches that MMR rating. For instance, the 2K to 3K MMR bracket is denoted by the rank ‘Archon’ from level 1 to 5 and the next bracket begins with the ‘Legend’ rankings. For those looking to get better at this game, they can try learning the core and advanced concepts of the game, along with buying some DOTA2 Smurf Accounts for themselves.

DOTA 2 players are assigned ranks based on their performance in the first 10 ranked matches they play, once their account is eligible to play ranked. If one’s not satisfied with the rank they have received, they can either try and get better at the game, or even try buying some DOTA2 Smurf Accounts for a number of different reasons.

How to Get Better At DOTA 2 and Win to Increase Rank?

  1. Last Hit and Farm Better:

Last hitting is a key skill for every DOTA 2 player to develop if they are to get better at the game. Especially important if one’s playing carry or core, they must be able to inflict the ‘Last Hit’ on an enemy creep that awards them a bonus gold. This way, they can ‘farm’ enemy creeps, jungle creeps and amass a lot of gold, gain enough experience and carry their team to victory.

  1. Map Awareness:

Another important skill for DOTA 2 Players to develop is to have decent map awareness. Unlike playing with DOTA2 Smurf accounts they bought, when playing with their main account, all players should be aware of what’s happening on their map. They must be aware of where their teammates are located, where the enemies are, which ones are missing, etc. This would help them avoid ganks and do a lot more that can turn the game for them.

  1. Play Different Heroes:

It’s very important to have a diverse selection of heroes from which one can play. All DOTA 2 Players should know how to play different roles, different heroes and slowly master their favorite ones. This would make them unpredictable for opponents and easier for them to counter opponent hero picks by picking counter picks suited to their play style and opponent’s heroes.

If capable, serious DOTA 2 Player should try learning important skills such as these in order to get better at the game. In the meanwhile, they can try buying DOTA 2 Smurf accounts so that they can play at the exact rank they would rather be at, instead of their original, or just to play ranked matches without risking the rank of their main account.