Chatbots: The Interactive Future of Online Businesses

Have you ever wondered what it would take to capture a lead in this digital age, or retain a customer, or maybe convert a customer’s enquiry into a channel for purchase or conversion? If any of this has ever crossed your mind then you would have probably come across the term, chatbots.

A chatbot is a software application which works independently, or generally embedded inside another application, like a website, or an app, and interacts with the user to cater a wide range of needs. With chatbots, any user can, retrieve information by asking questions about a product, a service, or a company. They can also book appointments, or make purchases. And the best part about chatbots is that all of this, and much more, can be accomplished, while having simple conversations.

A chatbot is an amazing application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning (DL), and Natural Language Processing (NLP), among other technological concepts of the same domain. A powerful back end, supported by these technologies, and an attractive front end with smooth animations, and appropriate visual feedback for relevant actions, bring the best of both worlds together, into an ideal chatbot. A chatbot provides an intuitive interface for messaging and interaction with the user. Also, it has pre-programmed responses and multiple branches of logic which guide it through which responses to display to the user, and which actions to take. the algorithm of chatbots are so defined, that they can grow and become better, with time, with every conversation. As the chatbot understands better, it responds better.

Chatbot service providers have teams of professional, and highly skilled machine learning engineers, data scientists, software developers, for both the client side, and the server, along with content writers, to build a complete chatbot application, which provides an end-to-end solution, for a given task. Chatbots are still in their infancy, but a lot can be achieved through them already, and hence that makes them high value assets for any business or company to possess. The demand for chatbots is increasing everyday, and while it is really difficult to create a chatbot, it is even challenging to make it adhere to all the different and unique use cases which it might face after deployment. Imagine talking to a chatbot on a website, trying to make an online purchase, and the chatbot keeps on sending template responses, because it is unable to understand. It can be very bad for the brand value of the business, and hence the chatbot service providers need to be extremely careful and cautious, not to leave any loose ends.

Chatbot development companies in India have gained momentum in recent times, and their number is projected to increase exponentially in the near future. As the digital generation move forward with cognitive technology, chatbots and personalised experiences, will replace the conventional methods almost completely in the near future.

Chatbots provide an immersive experience to the user, which gives them that personal touch, and the fact that they can be available round the clock, makes them the right choice to spearhead an online business to success.