What Is the Aftercare for Post Scoliosis Surgery?

What Is the Aftercare for Post Scoliosis Surgery?

One of the major diseases of the spine is scoliosis, and it causes a sideways curve on the spine as it takes a shape of ‘C’ or ‘S’. This very medical issue can only provide you a relief if you go for the surgery.

However, there are many people who go through the operation but after that, they simply avoid maintaining good aftercare. So, if you have been through the same, and looking for the tips on the same, here are some points you might want to look at.

No to Bending, Twisting or Lifting

This is the basic precaution the patient has to take after the scoliosis surgery, that they must not bend, lift or twist their body, in no circumstances. These movement restrictions should be followed strictly, but normally people tend to forget the advice, and the same cause them severe pain. Also, to avoid any kind of risks the surgeons often prescribe a back brace for the patient, so the spine stays more stable. Also, you must get the option of scoliosis treatment in India, it will be better for you.

Plan for pain management

The main component of recovering after your scoliosis surgery is woven around pain management. The pain must be kept under control to enable the patient to concentrate on tasks and move around, and it helps the recovery process. On the contrary, to ease the pain narcotic pain medication is given to the patient, but apparently, that is strong but ultimately it tends to control severe pain. However, it should not be taken for a too long time if you don’t want to take risks, for any other kind of complications.

It is also advised that the patient goes off narcotics drugs as soon as the person manage the pain. Most of the patients are advised to leave pain medication after 4 to six weeks of the surgery. For this, it’s better to know scoliosis surgery cost in India, as you will get the best aftercare.

The incision site care

It’s crucial to maintain good care of the incision site. Every day, the patient will require to keep the surgical area clean and dry. Normally, no creams, ointments, or powders are recommended in this case.

At the time when the patient starts to takes showers again, and that is normally upon returning home, the very incision site must be covered, like with an occlusive dressing given by the hospital to prevent the area from getting too wet.

Follow-Up Appointment

After the surgery, you have to take rest for at least 10 to 14 days at home, then you have to make a follow-up appointment with your doctor. Here, your surgeon will check, if the wound is healing properly. If you are going through any severe health issues. Your doctor will ask you some questions regarding your daily routine as well.

The future plans

After you had the detailed chat with your surgeon, he or she will give you a detailed plan of what else to follow until the next appointment. Normally, in the first meet, the patient is given permission to take a bath, but that only if the incision is healed properly. Also, you might get a prescription of general pain medications at this time.

Thus, you have to follow all the above-mentioned points and this way you will again be able to walk and do daily chores like before.

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