A Complete Guide about Electric Fencing

A Complete Guide about Electric Fencing

Electric fences can be a great choice if you live in an area which not that much crowded or can be attacked by wild animals. If you maintain a farm or any business you can also install electric fencing for protection. In a long term use, electric fences are more affordable than barbed wires or other things. It is safe. If you have children or animals in your house then you need to give them proper training. The electric fence is for scaring the animals away, it is not intended to harm any animal or living things. You need to maintain electric fences properly to get perfect satisfaction in case of securities.

 Why should you use electric fencing?

  • Electric fencing kits are reliable.
  • Electric fences are durable and sturdy.
  • If maintained properly it can be helpful.

 Important parts of an electric fence

A usual electric fence kit for home security is made of the following parts-

  1. Ground rods
    1. These rods are used to install a proper grounding connection for your electric fence. It is advised that you use galvanized rods as they get less rust with time
  2. Wires
    1. These are used to connect the rods and these wires are used for supplying electricity. Always try to use 12.5 gauge galvanized high tensile wires as fencing equipment. Try to maintain a 22 inches gap from the ground when installing the wires.
  3. Corner Strainers
    1. These are used in corners.
  4. Insulators

Insulators are an integral part of an electric fence. So, always opt for premium quality insulators with manufacturing warranties for safety.

  1. Gates

Gates must be also of high quality so that power can be transferred from one side to another without causing any problem.

  1. Braces

Always build brace with superior materials and follow expert tips

  1. Posts

These posts will be used to generate electricity. So, proper installation is essential.

How to install?

If you are planning to install an electric fence ask an expert first. Let him inspect your area and provide him/her with details. That expert will be able to give more information about how to install and maintain. It will be better if you install the fencing system from a reputed agency.

Important facts to remember

  • Always buy electric fence kit from a well-acclaimed agency. It will better if the manufacturer provides a warranty on the fencing kit.
  • Schedule regular check-ups annually.
  • Check if the insulators are in their original place.
  • Never use barbed wire in your main gate.
  • Do not build a tight fence, because of metal changes with the difference in temperature.
  • If the tensile wire is broken or damaged then tie knots to reconnect them.
  • Electric wires and plain barbed wires must not be interconnected.
  • Replace damaged items as soon as possible.
  • If there is the problem of low voltage ask an expert to examine it.
  • Give proper training to your children and pets.

So, as it seems electric fences are great is used in a proper way. The fence will offer greater safety from outside threats for a long time. But, it needs proper maintenance. Besides that, using top class products will be ideal for good results. Hence, if you are planning, go for it.

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